Monday, February 8, 2010

As a start to this week's research, here Robert Adams discusses photograph selection and presentation.

Space Framed Week 4

Next Week, we will discuss the journey in the work of 3 photographers: Robert Frank, Walker Evans & Robert Adams.
Sarah & Orla will be takingWalker Evans' book 'American Photographs', plus essays on it.
Brian, Su & John will be looking at Robert Frank's 'The Americans', plus 'Looking in: Robert Frank's the Americans', ed by Sarah Greenough (esp first essay by Sarah Greenough: Zurich to NY)
Stefan, Caroline & Luke have opted for Robert Adams 'New Topographics' (esp main essay by Britt Salvesen)
All of the books are on temporary reserve in the library until next week.

When looking at the books, try to address two issues:
-How are the photographers observing and recording the relationships between people and their surroundings; how are they framing inhabited space and what reading does this give us?
- How are these photographs presented to us, how are they selected, edited, ordered and printed, and what do these further processes tell us?

During the week, try to post any extra information you find on the blog, to aid the discussion next Monday @ 11.