Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 2 - Walker Evans

Licence Photo Studio, New York, 1934 - Walker Evans

This week, we will be looking at Walker Evans: American Photographs. The essay by Lincoln Kirstein in the book is important to read, as is an essay by Allan Tractenberg in Reading American Photographs: Images as History, Matthew Brady to Walker Evans. (pp231-286, A Book Nearly Anonymous). 
Walker Evans: The Hungry Eye by Gilles Mora and John T. Hill provides a good background to Evans as does Walker Evans: Lyric Documentary by John T. Hill. 
All four books are on reserve in Richview Library. 
Also, check out this essay written by Walker Evans for Hound & Horn in 1931 - 'The Reappearance of Photography'

We will also be looking at a photographer that influenced Evans - Eugene Atget, and a contemporary - Berenice Abbott.
Have a look at the books on Atget in the library, as well as the following for Berenice Abbott:
Berenice Abbott: Changing New York - Bonnie Yochelson (ucd library link).
Two essays by Berenice Abbott in Photographers on Photography - Nathan Lyons (1951 It has to Walk Alone & 1951 Photography at the Crossroads (ucd library link).