Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paul Seawright at the Kerlin

Paul Seawright - at the Kerlin Gallery
25-Feb - 02 Apr 2011
Volunteer is a survey of sorts, landscapes from today's fraying, centreless post 9-11 North American cities. Each photograph has been made at the location of a military recruiting station, where a different battle is being fought - to find young men and women to volunteer for service in Afghanistan Made at the locations of military recruitment offices in 15 states including Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Mississippi, these new works comment not just on the ongoing war and the battle to recruit new soldiers, but the contemporary North American city, a landscape littered with thrift stores, gun dealerships, strip malls and pawn shops.

Photographers discuss their work

Garry Winogrand

Stephen Shore

Robert Adams

William Klein

Week 4 - New Topographics

This week we will be looking at New Topographics, edited by Britt Salvesen. The essay in the book is particularly important.
We will then look at four photographers from the exhibition and their work in more detail:
Stephen Shore - Uncommon Places
Robert Adams - What we Bought
Louis Baltz - The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California
Bernd & Hille Becher - Basic Forms of Industrial Buildings