Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Space Framed 2011

This week we will look at the second of two seminal texts on photography - Stephen Shore's 'The Nature of Photographs'. Select one photograph for discussion at next week's seminar.
Last week, we started with John Szarkowski's 'The Photographer's Eye'. Please post your selected photograph plus text on the blog this week.

The two books are related to each other in that Shore used Szarkowski's book to teach a class at Bard College. His book developed from this class.

You will get a good overall introduction to photography through these two books and the bbc series 'The Genius of Photography'. This is available online and in the library (with accompanying book). Watch Episode 2 - Documents for Artists before next week's session.

Below is a the seminar outline for this semester. This may change as we progress, but touches on the basic themes and reading material.