Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jacob Felländer


cityscape nr 4

Los Angeles - Hong Kong - Bombay


Jacob Felländer is a Swedish photographer /artist. He has been experimenting with photography since the late 1990s. He is known for his large scale cityscapes and landscapes in which he uses his own specific technique of photographing. In his latest work he has added another dimension to his photographs; paint.

When he works Felländer tries to capture multiple exposures in a single image, he tries to capture a span of time in one frame. Felländer uses analogue techniques, using old cameras that he modifies. Jacob at work 


Exhibition: I want to live close to you

Jacob Felländer was inspired by continental drift. The discovery that space and time are not constant brought forth many thoughts and questions. Felländer asked himself;  “I wondered, if space drifts over time, perhaps can time drift over space.” He was intrigued about how we experience time and space. Can our experience of time and space be captured in a photo, what would that photo look like?

Using his modified analogue camera Felländer traveled the world taking photographs. In twelve days he went to New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bombay, Dubai and Paris. These are locations on five different continents that were once joined. By winding forward the film in his camera, he was able to expose it one centimeter at a time and thereby ‘capturing the whole world in one shot’.

The densely populated cities also brought Felländers attention to how people are merging together in cities, living closer and closer together.


- Stand Still
- I Want To Live Close To You
– Anatomy