Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Island of silence
Donata, Wender
published 2006

The fact i am attracted to and identify with many of Wenders photographs rests to a large extent upon shared feeling that we are looking at ourselves in particular moments of inwardness and reflection.

Wenders photographs capture sitters who are generally fully aware of their own presence or lost in their own thoughts. The potographs show diferent age of people in a familiar subject matter. Each of them are reflected through windows, mirrors, images, water and shadows which implies their figurative meaning.

In addition the photographs seem to exist outside a time because of the reduction of black and white and expressive elements.

All these components leads us in the sitters moment of withdrawal which let us think about ourselve in the past, present and future as well.

All the picture seen together create a meaning simply through their recurrence.

Wenders photographs reminds me of the book from walker evans, it is called "the americians". I could try to relate it to them?!