Monday, March 4, 2013

Space-Framed 2013 - Main Assignment

Space Framed - Photography and the Social Landscape

Identify and research a photographic project or projects that looks at social landscape in some way.
Research in the library and online. Propose what you think the project is communicating and how it is doing so. Refer to relevant discourse and projects both within photographic and architectural discourse and beyond. Aim to produce a piece of original research on the topic.

Write about this describing the project, the photographer, the work method and the subject matter.
Your writing and research could take the form of an essay, an interview or series of interviews with introductory essay etc.

Produce a short book illustrating your work with relevant images. The book should be of a size and design that communicates or is suitable to your subject matter. The written work will be between 3000 and 3500 words, with all references listed in  Harvard Style.

Prepare an introductory 500 word blog post and presentation on the 25th of March.
There will be a series of written submissions and presentations before the final submission of the assignment at the end of term.