Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interim Review References 09 - Representing Internal Space

Brian is working on how buildings are represented, and the translation of three-dimensional space into two dimensional image..
Gordon Matta-Clark  and his work was mentioned, plus the series 'The Places People Live' by Jonas Bendiksen.
Rene Burri's images of Le Corbusier's work also provide an approach to representing inhabited space.

Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation, 1959 - Rene Burri

Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation, 1959 - Rene Burri

Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation, 1959 - Rene Burri

Interim Review References 08 - Work Spaces

Su is looking at workspaces, and the dynamics behind how people space and arrange themselves in public. Examining the work of Edward T Hall and his theory of proxemics through the work of Garry Winogrand, he's begun looking at how camera can expose or fabricate spatial relations between people, those around them and their environment.

Garry Winogrand - From Arrivals and Departures

- Massimo Vitali's photographs of people at leisure in public spaces also explores this subject.

Picnic Alle - Massimo Vitali

Piombino Jump - Massimo Vitali

Viareggio Polyptych (B) - Massimo Vitali

Interim Review References 07 - Representation of Landscape - The West

Orla's project is heading in an interesting direction...
Comparing Timothy O'Sullivan's photographs taken of the American West for the US Survey Project 'Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel' in the late 1860s 
photographs of the Irish West taken as postcards in the Eason Collection of the National Library of Ireland, looking at the visual language, technological restraints and how these shaped the perception of the landscape...

Ambulance and photographic Wagon, Carson Desert, Nevada, 1867 - Timothy O Sullivan

A fuschia hedge near clifden, Eason Postcard Collection, National Library 1900-1940

Interim Review References 06 - Representation of the Man-Altered Landscape

There were a few references in relation to Luke's project - which touches on how man affects the landscape, and how this is portrayed.

- Bill Owens series 'Suburbia'

Untitled, from the series 'Suburbia', 1972

Untitled, from the series 'Suburbia', 1972

- From the discussion, a study into Ansel Adams & Robert Adams with an emphasis on continuities rather than contradictions in their bodies of work might prove the most interesting direction to go in.

Interim Review References 05- Paul Graham

Paul Graham's images from the series 'Beyond Caring' were mentioned in relation to Stefan's project.
They were taken with a hidden camera in dole offices in 80s England and are similar to Evans' subway images in catching the subjects unguarded, unaware and within a specific built environment.

Interim Review References 04 - Oliver Boberg

Oliver Boberg was mentioned in relation to Sarah's project.
His work touches on similar themes of the image, illusion & space as Carl Zimmerman, who had been the main point of reference in the project.


Interim Review References 03

Alfred Hitchcock's Rear window came up in relation to Caroline's project, particularly the opening few minutes. (attached below in bad quality)

References were also made to
-the upper floor of John Gerrard's exhibition in the Gallery of Photography in 2003(a viewing platform presented views onto a landscape)
-Canaletto's images of Venice
-Bosselmann's book - Representation of Places

Interim Review References 02 - Helen Levitt

Exploring Helen Levitt's later work in colour in relation to her earlier work in black and white on the streets of New York may be a good direction for John's project. She captures the city as habitat, its stoops, streets and steps appropriated with a domestic and familiar ease by its inhabitants.


Interview with Helen Levitt here

Interim Review References 01

Thank you to Paul TierneyRos Kavanagh & Gul Kacmaz Erk for a good series of discussions yesterday..We hope to invite them back again for our exhibition of work later in the semester.
Through the discussions, some really interesting references came up, in relation to each of the 8 assignments. I'm going to post them up in separate posts to follow this one.

Below are some books references sent to us by Paul after the session:
Photographs and Photography in Irish Local History - Liam Kelly
Reconstructing Space: Architecture in Recent German Photography - Gerda Breuer, Rolf Sachsse, Neil Leach and Hubertus von Amelunxen
Building with Light - An International History of Architectural Photography - Robert Elwall
Representation of Places: Reality and Realism in city Design - Peter Bosselmann

Also, some films mentioned by Gul & Ros:
The Belly of an Architect (1987) by Peter Greenway
Things to Come (1936) by directed by William Cameron Menzies and written by HG Wells
Rear Window (1954) by Alfred Hitchcock