Monday, March 7, 2011

Garry Winogrand

Garry is born in 1928 in New York city and died in 1984 in Mexico. He made his first rentable appearance in 1963 at an exhibition at the museum of Modern art in New York . He was influenced by Walker Evans and Robert Frank and theirs respective publications. American photographs and the American . His first book is the Animal in 1969 which is a collection of pictures where he observes the connection between Animal and human. These photographs capture the evolution of the 20th and 21th century phenomenon . He photographed incessantly , mostly on the street and publishing journalistic images in numerous magazines. The main subject in this book The man in the crowd in 1998 is the relationship between people each other and the town. For Garry the street is as an enigma, a theater where everything is possible and he photographed the men , women, unknowns people. Most people who walk through in a city ignore it but he said the absolute opposite and spent most of his walking like hunting down and fellow citizens watching , looking and photographing. The famous picture of Winogrand shows women on the bench where we can see different groups and affinity on the same bench . He recording here so spontaneous , complexity as the banality of the city life. Through his book he shows some people alone or not and at the end of the book he submits a work on the crowd. In the crowd , the affective life made legible in faces and bodies in motion. In this part of the book , we often see violent and political scenes. The variation in the crowd picture are, in fact, so strenuous, the poses of bodies in motion so dissimilar.