Monday, November 3, 2014

Constructing the View - film

Last year's Space-Framed students made this film for the Constructing the View symposium on Saturday Nov 2nd 2013 at IMMA.
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The work, also titled 'Constructing the View' is a brief filmic exploration of the photograph as construct - a negotiation between depth and flatness, surface and space, content and its meaning.

For more information see here and here, and also see the behind the scenes photographs below.

Cillian Briody, Sarah Carroll, Beibhinn Delaney, Fiona Gueunet, Radina Ka, Daniel Moran, Nicky Rackard, Malin Schwan, William Spratt-Murphy, Jeffrey Widjaja, Jennifer Wilson, Philips Wira.

Making the Film: