Thursday, March 11, 2010

Space Framed - Assignment

Helene Binet - The Shadow Exhibition - Two Photographic Essays 
Series/Serial Imagery

'The series is what gives the individual photograph its interest, ...tiny details within them become very interesting' 
-Gohlke on Ed Ruscha in New Topographics

'All contempoarary usage of Serial Imagery, whether in painting or sculpture, is without either first of last members. Obciously, at one point there had to be a beginning – the first painting of sculpture made – but its identity becomes subsumed within the whole, within the lacro structure. The same principle applies to the last memeber. At any given point in time one work in a series stands last in order of execution, but its sequential identity isirrelevant and in fact is lost immiediately on the work's completiion. The basic structure of Serial Imagery, then, can be likened to a pack of cards, in which every card is the Ace of Spades; all cards are of equal value and all imprinted with the same emblem, which may or may not vary in size, colour or position'
- John Coplans in Catalog – Serial Imagery – Coplans, John (Pasadena, CA: Pasadena Art Museum and the Art Alliance 1968)

Developing our discussions on photographic series,  produce/curate/analyse a photographic series.

Thurs 18 March: Post your intention for the project to the blog 
Mon 22 March: Space Framed - discussion with Fiona Hackett plus practical demonstration, co-inciding with assignment tutorials
Mon 29 March: Review with Paul Tierney & Ros Kavanagh
Mon 12 April: Presentation of work to 'Interior Prospect' Seminar
Mon 26 April: Completion of Assignment/Preparation for exhibition.

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