Monday, November 11, 2013

constructing the view_ the space between

the space between

 starting off with an image by candida hofer, that i have been studying from the start of the term, that illustrates clearly to the viewer an object centred in the layers of the image being taken. the space that i am intrigued is the in between space_ the social surrounding_ to whom ground belongs. The chair is also significant as it makes use of a basic essential in urban life, revealing its symbolic power in relation to the life of the city.

 a photo by michael wolf from his project 'bastard chairs', where the chairs photographed in this series have been patched up, reconfigured, often repaired dozens of times. they give the viewer an idea of the creativity and devotion to maximum productivity in the Chinese culture. they provide an insight into the lives of the owners of these chairs- their personality, their celebration of intelligence_ it becomes a detailed portrait of these people. in these photos the chair is also emphasized by its surrounding in between space and creates the viewer to look around and beyond the chair itself.

another image from michael wolf below of a series called 100 x 100, in hong kong inside outside, wolf pairs the architectural abstractions of architecture of density, with 100×100, a study of one hundred interiors in one of hong kong’s oldest housing complexes. in drastic opposition to the distance and uniformity of wolf’s architectural photographs, these images have a quasi-journalistic style, where each photo is set up and taken with the same technique, and even though it feels like a portrait of the inhabitant of each space, it actually goes beyond that and develops into a portrait of these diverse spaces that each individual has created for themselves from the exact same dimensional room.

questions that i want to research on.
How? are these spaces created
Are? they suggessful
What? are they trying to show

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