Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Disseminating Architecture: Week 1

We will meet next week in the City Assembly House, South William Street at 4pm (28/01) to discuss the exhibition City, Assembled (see also this blog on the development of the exhibition). Over the next two weeks, you will be invited to invigilate at this exhibition for an afternoon and formulate a response to it.

In the meantime, read through The Photographer's Eye and The Nature of Photographs. Both are concise but excellent introductions to photography and the visual language of photography. Look at episodes 1&2 of The Genius of Photography. (All of these are on reserve in Richview Library and referenced  and linked to in our reading list).
Another book that we mentioned today and will refer to during the semester is Silver Cities by Peter Bacon Hales (also on reading list).

For the rest of this semester, we will be meeting in Richview between 11&1 on Wednesdays, apart from 23/02, (and possibly 09/03) when we will meet in NCAD, Thomas Street from 2-5.30pm.

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