Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Phoenix Rising: City, Assembled, response

Three architecture students started to develop in ’Disseminating architecture 14’ the idea of representing the area of the City Assembly House. 
A wooden circular structure carries the content of the exhibition. This impressive construction absorbs the meters high old space. My first thought was how carefully the proportions of this timber construction must have been selected for the exhibition space.

The exterior part shows the photographs and digital information explaining how the Civic Exhibition 1914 inspired the work as well as the process of the entire project. Carefully selected photographs from the past bring out the ’City of Collective Memory’ by pointing out the problems of the first half of the twentieth century. The inside is covered by an immersed panorama photography layered by video recording of the same place. 
The way how both medias interact with each other has been extremely inspiring and reminds me of Adam Magyar’s work ’Stainless (video)’.  In my judgement their color saturated layering structure can be compared to a relived moment, memory. The projector only can project a certain surface for a certain point of time. The video incorporates the captured moments. The panorama photograph feels static and empty due to the lack of people walking along the street. Through video recording the entire panorama feels ’alive’. Through this multi layering I felt like a flâneur, enjoying the sounds, spatial and light intensity.

The students of ’Disseminating architecture 15’ have been asked to invigilate ’City, Assembled’ for one afternoon in the space of time of 26 January until 8 February. This experience felt more intensive because of the cold coming in from the outside. It felt like being on the street being part of South William Street. Additionally the daylight entering the room influenced atmosphere of the installation.
- Asal Mohtashami

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