Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Space Frame: A Response

Orbiting around the outer walls of the exhibition, images of the hardships in Dublin transport you into the past. The images give a shock factor, that continue to linger in the memory as you circle. Light passes through the canvas image, like a lighthouse beam scanning the space, the noises also pass through, faint and muffled.

It feels like something of the past, rather than the present, like you are in someone’s memory of being on William Street. An Abstracted way of looking at the world there is something beautiful about the way the projection finally comes around to you, almost accidentally projecting your silhouette onto the street. Your there, as an abstruse perspective in a different dimension, seeing yourself as part of a memory of this street. There is a notion of time, the circular, repetitive rotations of 60 seconds evoke some feeling of time travelling.

Unintentionally, but to great effect, the fact the room temperature is almost less than that of outside, making you feel like your on the street. It heightens the senses and brings you to a place where you try to understand your roll in the city, how you use it, what you see and miss, the ordinary.

The loop of just under an hour, means you are stuck, stuck in William street forced to replay the same hour over and over again. Purgatory. The image no longer overlays onto the photo, but it just a few seconds too fast, I wonder how many hours/ days/ weeks it would take for it to catch up again. 

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